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Resilient (DVD)

Resilient - Advanced kettlebell drills and insider secrets for playing harder and hurting less by Pavel Tsatsouline! Discover how to reinforce your body - and snap back from even the toughest challenges with deceptive ease and strength! (36 minutes)


  • Wall neck extension - Delivers unprecedented neck mobility, without jamming!
  • Paul Anderson neck roll - Loosens up your neck like never before, while building tremendous strength!
  • Some chicken - Mobilizes your neck in a totally unexpected fashion, and feels awesome!
  • Boxer's jaw opener - Removes debilitating tension from this vital area!
  • Elbow greaser - Helps fighters, lifters, arm-wrestlers, and old-timers regain crucial elbow strength and mobility!
  • Beyond the French press - Develops spectacular shoulder girdle and upper back!
  • And much more!

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