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More Russian Kettlebell Challenges Video/DVD

More Russian Kettlebell Challenges - Learn 25 evil drills for radical strength and old school toughness with Pavel Tsatsouline! Including success secrets for safety, strength and optimal performance taught by the master himself in this must-have training DVD for any kettlebell user. (40 minutes)

More Russian Kettlebell Challenges

  • The Traditional Bent Press
  • The DARC Swing
  • The Armwrestler's Wrist Curl
  • The Farmer's Walk
  • The Floor Wrist Drill
  • The Reverse Floor Wrist Drill
  • The Front Squat
  • The Get-Up Situp
  • The Turkish Get-Up (Squat Style)
  • The Para Press
  • The Knee Supported Row
  • The Renegade Row
  • The Floor Post Up & Press
  • The One Legged Deadlift
  • The One Legged Military Press
  • The Olympic Style Snatch
  • The Anchored Snatch & Alternate Snatch
  • The Seated Good Morning Stretch
  • The Two Kettlebells Clean
  • The Two Kettlebells C&P
  • The See Saw Press
  • The One Arm/Two Kettlebells Deadlift
  • The Low Windmill
  • The Floor Seated Press
  • The Split Press

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