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Fat Loss With Kettlebells Gaining Popularity

Kettlebell Exercise Routines Becoming More Common

04/03/08 - Kettlebells are fast becoming one of the most widely used methods of exercise for those concentrating on fat loss while helping to build lean muscle, according to online kettlebells resource Russian (, with popularity of the weights exploding into fitness centers across the U.S.

"The types of exercises involved in a kettlebells workout routine helps speed fat loss and build lean muscle," said a spokesperson for the website. "People are finding that they can achieve results faster than using standard weight lifting techniques, so naturally the kettlebells are enjoying huge gains in popularity - especially in neighborhood fitness centers where kettlebells are showing up more and more."

In addition to kettlebells being featured in fitness centers across the U.S., the site also reports that home use of kettlebells is also on the rise.

"We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of home users using kettlebells as part of their fat loss training programs," the spokesperson continued. "Not everyone can make it to the gym, so many are opting to buy training DVDs along with their own kettlebells and working out at home."

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