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Kettlebells Surprise Newcomers With Speedy Results

Muscle Definition, Core Strength Improvements Among Those Attained Quickly By New Users

03/02/08 - Kettlebells have quickly become the choice of personal trainers in fitness clubs across the U.S. in recent months, as newcomers to the workout continue to praise the quick results gained by using kettlebells, according to online kettlebells resource Russian (

"We’ve seen a lot of positive feedback from new kettlebell users recently, most of which is about the speed at which they see solid results," said a spokesperson for the website. "Noticeable improvements in muscle definition and overall core strength are two of the results we’ve been hearing the most about, and mostly within the first several weeks after beginning a kettlebell workout routine."

Kettlebells, resembling a cannonball with a handle, were used in the early 20th century by Russian soldiers for strength training and remained virtually unknown in the U.S. until they were introduced in the late 90’s by Pavel Tsatsouline - considered to be the world’s foremost authority on training with kettlebells.

"Training with kettlebells is unique in that they can be used to target many different muscle groups while constantly working your core," the spokesperson continued. "The result being a more complete, full body workout that produces better results in a shorter amount of time than training with conventional weights."

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