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Kettlebells Swing Their Way Into The Mainstream

New Interest In An Old Fashioned Workout Creating Buzz In The Fitness Industry

02/27/08 - Training with kettlebells (an old-school weight training tool resembling a cannonball with a handle attached) has become the latest workout routine to create a strong buzz in the worldwide fitness industry, according to online kettlebells resource Russian (, with high profile features in everything from newspapers and fitness magazines, to appearances on television and feature movies.

"The renewed interest in kettlebells has been growing steadily for the past several years," said a spokesperson for the website, "As a result of all the recent media coverage, everyday people are starting to realize some of the unique benefits that can be achieved by working out with kettlebells. We’ve seen a huge increase in kettlebell workouts in neighborhood gyms across the U.S. and with personal trainers signing up for certification courses."

Known for helping kettlebell users to build lean muscle mass and explosive strength, kettlebells have also gained an unfair reputation as a workout that is better suited for only advanced weight lifters and hardcore fitness fanatics.

"Not so," the spokesperson added. "Not only are kettlebells well suited for even the most green-horned beginners, but several companies even cater to those users by offering ‘quick-start’ packages that combine low weight kettlebells with basic instructional DVDs and videos to help get people started using the kettlebells safely and effectively. Like any workout, training with kettlebells can be as low-key or as high-intensity as the user wants the routine to be."

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