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Kettlebells Prove To Be Challenging For Even Seasoned Workout Veterans

Old School Weight Lifting Routine Breaks New Barriers In Modern Exercise

02/26/08 - Making a strong case for old-fashioned methods in a world of modern exercise routines, kettlebells have become one of the fastest growing workouts in the U.S. in recent years, according to online kettlebells resource Russian (

"Trends tend come and go with blinding speed in the world of exercise," said a spokesperson for the website. "But kettlebell workouts have been on a steady incline for the last several years, and are fast becoming one of the most requested workouts in gyms around the country. We’ve seen a dramatic rise in interest in the past year alone, with kettlebells being featured in the mainstream media, and personal trainers lining up to become certified in kettlebell training."

Once used by the Russian Red Army to train its soldiers, kettlebells were used to help develop explosive muscle strength while also building up strength in ligaments and tendons. As more modern methods were developed, the kettlebells popularity died off until the late 90’s when hardcore weight lifters began to rediscover the explosive results the kettlebells provided.

"Many of our site visitors have described the kettlebell workout as one of the most intense they’ve experienced, and have shared stories of amazing results in a relatively short period of time," the spokesperson continued. "Because of this we don’t see the rising popularity of kettlebells as a trend, but more as the return of an old-school workout to more of a contemporary status in the modern world."

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