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Russian Red Kettlebells Now Available Through Russian

New Kettlebells Feature More User-Friendly Design To Match New Look

02/26/07 - A more user-friendly, cost effective alternative to standard kettlebells - Russian Red Kettlebells - are now available through online kettlebell resource Russian (

In addition to the striking red color of the newly released kettlebells, the new design features both a larger grip and wider footprint, enabling the user to perform exercises difficult to accomplish with other kettlebells.

"The new design's larger grip makes these kettlebells easier to hold on to, making snatch and clean exercises easier to perform," said a spokesperson for the website. "Also, the wider footprint allows a greater sense of balance when performing exercises such as the Bear Crawl."

The Russian red kettlebells are also priced lower than the standard kettlebells, making them a more affordable alternative for those looking to jump into a kettlebell workout routine.

"We've seen some great customer reviews on these new kettlebells based on the new color, design, and price," the spokesperson continued. "All of which can be viewed by clicking through from our site."

To learn more about kettlebells, including workout tips and exercise routines, please visit Russian on the web at

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