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Tis the Season for Kettlebells

Odd Looking Exercise Tool Makes for the Perfect Unique Fitness Gift This Holiday Season

11/21/06 - With the holidays fast approaching, the pressure to find that one special unique gift looms ever larger on the minds of gift givers worldwide. For fitness enthusiasts, however, the perfect gift comes in the shape of a cannonball; the kettlebell.

"Kettlebells make for a great holiday gift idea for those who are serious about their workouts," said a spokesperson for website Russian ( "Not only do they provide for one of the most hard-core weight training workouts available, but they serve as a great conversation piece to any collection of home fitness equipment."

Shaped like a cannonball with a handle attached, the kettlebell is an old-school fitness tool that has seen a recent resurgence with serious minded weight lifters the world over. Kettlebells were used for many years by the Russian Red Army as the primary fitness tool to build lean muscle and burn fat in training soldiers, and is an excellent conditioning tool for athletes in rough sports like kickboxing, wrestling, and football.

In addition to a wide variety of weights and sizes of kettlebells, Russian Kettlebell .com also features a large selection of kettlebell training videos, and instructional DVD's to help newcomers get their kettlebell workouts started the right way.

"As with any new exercise, the user should always know how to use the equipment correctly to avoid injury. It's important to pay close attention to the exercise routines outlined in the workout DVD's or seek guidance from a qualified instructor when using kettlebells," the spokesperson continued.

To learn more about kettlebells, including workout tips and exercise routines, please visit Russian on the web at

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