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Make Kettlebells A Part of Your New Year's Resolution

Looking For Workout To Kick You Into Gear This Year? Russian Kettlebells Are The Answer.

01/04/05 - Need a fitness resolution for the new guaranteed to whip you into shape? Try working out with kettlebells says Russian (, and get big results - fast.

"The kettlebell workout is an excellent way to get into shape this new year," says a spokesman for the website. "Kettlebell exercises are designed to melt the fat off your bones, and add lean muscle mass while helping to maintain maximum flexibility."

The site offers Russian kettlebells in all sizes and weights, as well as instructional exercise videos and DVD's for both beginning and experienced kettlebell users.

"If you are person who regularly frequents the local gym, you've probably seen or heard of kettlebells by now," continues the spokesman. "The kettlebell workout is popping up everywhere nowadays for a good reason - it simply delivers on its promise to give you a hard, result-oriented workout in a relatively short time span. No other exercise routine will kick your butt more than Russian kettlebells."

To learn more about kettlebells, including workout tips and exercise routines, please visit Russian on the web at

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