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Clubbells Now Available Through Russian

Website Now Offers The Ultimate Circular Strength Development Tool,
Coach Scott Sonnon's Clubbell

11/04/04 - Clubbells, the circular strength training tool perfected by Coach Scott Sonnon, are now available through Russian (, the website announced today.

"We're excited to add clubbells to the line of strength and conditioning products we offer through our website," said a spokesperson for Russian "The clubbell workout is one of the most demanding circular strength training routines we've seen, and we're proud to be able to offer clubbells and related clubbell training and exercise DVDs to our site visitors."

Clubbells are a hand-held circular strength training tool which evolved over millennia from the primitive weaponry known as a club. Many cultural martial traditions across the planet (such as Indian Kalaripayat, Iranian Pahlavani, Okinawan Karate and Russian SAMBO) utilized the club not just for combat, but for restorative health and developed strength.

Coach Scott Sonnon created a training methodology called Circular Strength Training, and after many years and several generations of research and development, finalized a design which in 2002 became the original patent pending Clubbells.

To learn more about clubbells, including workout tips and exercise routines, please visit Russian on the web at

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